Monday, October 02, 2006

Meet The Shoe Dwellers ~ Elyse

Since I'm so new to the blogging world, and have virtually no hits (what does that mean, anyway?), I guess I'll start by introducing my family. I will introduce one person a day, which means there will be 8 posts, unless you include the dog and chickens. That would make 57 posts. I think I'll just stick to 8 with a possible 9th just for our doggie.

Elyse is our first blessing. She was born just 1 1/2 years into our marriage on August 26th, 1989. She weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. Our smallest baby. What a perfect baby she was, which was a Godsend, considering I was a first time mommy and very young. She never gave us a lick of trouble, and hardly ever a sleepless night. She has blond hair and blue eyes, which seemed a miracle to me, as I just assumed my genes (dark hair, skin and eyes) would be stronger and more dominant than my husbands (fair skinned, blue eyes, blond hair). We began homeschooling her at age 6 after a year in public school. She was a brilliant child, naturally, and remains so this day. She took up piano at the age of 10 and now at the age of 17 is quite accomplished, in my opinion. She plays for the worship service in our church from time to time. She is also learning ASL (American Sign Language) on her own, with hopes of learning more formally in the years to come. She also signs to praise music in our church occasionally. This is such a sight to see. The words of the songs seem to sink in deeper watching a person sign them, as well as listening to them. It's a ministry all it's own, and I'm so thankful the Lord has given Elyse this gift.
She is a senior in our homeschool this year. We are planning a graduation celebration sometime in June. We've had her senior portraits done recently. I wish I could scan one for you to see, as they came out LOVELY!!! But there is a copyright on them. :o( Understandably so.
Elyse will make a wonderful wife and mommy someday, as she is my right hand here in Our Shoe. She selflessly helps me with her younger siblings and does a wonderful job with meals when I can't (Thanks Sweetie!).
Elyse also works part time for the same software company her daddy works for. She gets up at the crack of dawn to get her school work done. Then it's off to the office (on the other side of the drive way) for a 3-4 hour work day. She is still in the process of getting her drivers license, but we aren't complaining. ;o)

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  1. Just think, you and I could take a vacation TOGETHER if we left Elyse and Alexandra in charge.
    Maybe THAT'S what we should do???

    Are ya busy next weekend?

    Elyse is such a blessing too.
    But, boy oh boy, aren't they all?

    How our lives would have been so dull were it not for these wonderful blessings from the Lord.