Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Anna!!

Anna. Our "Sweet Petite". I don't know why we call her that. She was the second biggest baby we had, weighing in at 9 lb.s 4 oz. But she's petite now, I guess. And sweet. And seven years old!!!

She chose Fish and Chips for her birthday meal. It's a tradition we have, that the birthday person picks whatever they want for dinner that day. Sort of like the last meal prisoners on death row get to choose right before....well, you know.

And we didn't forget to butter her nose. Also, a tradition we have. Not sure what it means, but we do it anyway.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Funny Quote of the Day...

OK, before I share this quote, I just want to say that, I know I can be a little slow sometimes. After all, I use to think elbow grease was an actual grease you applied to your elbows. I also use to think that being "in cognito" meant being in an actual place, like being "in Kansas".
Anyway, I just learned where the word "Blog" comes from! It's short for "Web Log". WEB.... LOG..... weblog.... weBLOG.... BLOG.

Never mind. On to our quote of the day.

This comes from Erika, our soon to be 5 year old.

"Mmmm....Mommy, this smells soooo good. It smells like octopus hair!"
The End

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Heat Wave....and other photos!

Here in Vermont we still have a ways to go before it actually feels like spring. It's one of the things I despise most about this place. But today we had a heat wave! It got to 50 degrees!!! When it gets that warm in the winter, the three stooges go out to play....in the snow....with NO coat! Yes, it might as well be a spring day except there's still snow all over the place. They loved it.


We have talent in this house, I'll tell ya! Mark has learned to balance a spoon on his nose. I'm so proud of this extraordinary achievement! Now, all 6 of them can do it. I'll have to get a photo of all of them with spoons hanging off of their noses. I'm thinking Christmas card!


And last but not least....this picture speaks for itself. But I'm thinking it needs a name. Something like "Facing Your Worst Fears". Or "It's Like Looking In The Mirror". Or "My Teeth Are Bigger Than Yours!". What do you think?

Have a great weekend, everyone!