Thursday, October 12, 2006

Meet The Shoe Dwellers ~ Erika

Erika. (AKA, Scream-ika). Yes, you read that right. If a screaming contest existed she would surely win in these categories: Endurance, regularity, and decibel level. Oh yes, she's cute, but oh so LOUD vocal. Erika is our 3rd born daughter and fifth child and weighed 8 lbs. 15 oz. at birth. She was born at home into her daddy's arms. It was our first homebirth and best delivery yet. If you haven't given birth at home, I highly recommend it if you are able!
Erika is 2 now and our most mischievous child. This child makes it her lot in life to keep us completely exhausted and continually calling out to Christ for wisdom. But we love her just the same and wouldn't trade her for
Erika is the only one of our children with curly hair. Many of you may have several children with curls, but from a family of straight haired folks, the curls are just too precious. She gets it from both sides of our families.
Erika is currently at the potty training stage, and doing quite well! She can almost count to 10 and can almost recite the whole alphabet. She's a great eater and, like her big brother Jonathan, she loves spicy food.
A daddy's girl, and a mama's helper, she will continue to be, as she melts our hearts with that killer smile of hers, and that tippie-toed prance she has as she races toward the "dandy" (candy) bowl after a successful potty session. Ya just gotta love 2 year olds!


  1. Lisa!
    She is such a doll!
    I'm going through and reading up on each of the children today..........look for LOTS of comments. LOL!1

    I love you friend!

  2. I've enjoyed reading meeting your family! You and your big babies. My LARGEST baby was 7 lb 7 oz!