Saturday, October 07, 2006

Meet The Shoe Dwellers ~ Jonathan

Jonathan is our 3rd child and 2nd born son. He was our biggest baby so far, weighing in at a hefty 9 lbs. 14 oz., and was 23 inches long. OUCH! He was such a HUGE infant! I don't know if it was my milk, or if the kid was just one of those fast growing varieties, but he was so big that he outgrew his infant carseat carrier before he was 4 months old. At his 4 month well visit he weighed 26 lbs. 7 oz.!!! At this time he was still exclusively breastfed.
Jonathan is 6 now and in the 1st grade in our homeschool. He enjoys drawing, legos, reading, spending time with his brother Alex, riding his two-wheeler, eating spicy food and just plain being a boy. Jonathan just recently lost his first tooth. He lost the second one about 2 days ago. He pulled them out himself with a piece of floss and didn't even flinch! What a brave guy he is!
Jonathan is our egg collector. It's his job to make sure all the eggs are collected from the chicken coop each day. He also feeds and waters our dog, Isabelle, every day. He's a big boy learning big boy responsibilities. He helps his daddy occassionally when it's time to stack wood.
Jonathan has made it clear that he wants to marry me one day. For now, my answer is always "YES!". Sad will be the day when he stops asking me.

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  1. AH!
    ALL BOY, for sure!
    He and Michael would have a blast together. And while the age difference just means Jonathan is taller, Michael would keep up I'm sure.
    Tell him I like spicy food too!