Sunday, January 18, 2009

Really....Last one!

Here's my toothless wonder, Anna. The original, straight out of the camera is just beautiful, but, you know me.....

I brightened her eyes, whitened her teeth, softened her skin a bit, and brought out more of the pink tones in her skin.

Before and After...

OK, now leave me alone, photoshop!! I have laundry to do!

OK, last one....for today. Honest.
This is a tree in our side yard. The photo is pretty good the way it is, but I thought it could use a color boost.

So, I cropped it and increased the saturation to bring out the blue in the sky, which also brought out the blue in the snow. But photoshop helped me to get the blue out of the now in the trees.

I also burnt the edges of the picture ever so slightly to bring out the tree. Not too bad, eh?

Before and After...

OK, I think I'll stop for today, right after I figure out how to get the snow to look smooth instead of having all those ugly snow mobile tracks in them.


Another Photoshop Editing Job

Here is a picture of Elyse and Mark we took last week at Grandma's house.

Notice how dark the foreground is. The background is very light so the flash didn't go off. But that's ok when you have photoshop. *smile*

So, I cropped it and made some adjustments to the lighting and color, sharpened Elyses face, took some of the redness out of her complection (it was very cold and they were out sledding), and voila!

What a difference! Photoshop allowed me to take a photo that wasn't all that great, and turn it into something worth framing!


I'm having so much fun!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Love Photoshop!!

So, I got a new toy! We invested in Photoshop CS4 and I just can't get enough of it. It will take me a life time to learn how to use most of the tools in it, but I'm having fun learning.

Here's something I just did. Below is a photo I took of Elyse around Christmas. Those of you who got Christmas cards from us might remember this picture on the card. Well, I edited those Christmas card photos online on a neat site called Great site, but it's not photshop!

To show you what I recently did in photoshop I'll show you the straight out of the camera shot with no editing.

Before photoshop....

And after photoshop!

Wow! OK, Elyse would never wear this much make up in real life. But I added this much only because I am trying to learn how to use this new toy of mine.

I think I'm addicted. Is that a bad thing?