Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Meet The Shoe Dwellers ~ Anna

Our little "Annie". She's such a sweet, joyful, happy child. She is our second daughter and 4th child. She was our next largest baby, weighing 9 lbs. 4 oz. at birth. She was a chunky infant, but is now our "Sweet Petite". She loves to be called "Tiny" and loves when others refer to her body parts (hands and feet in particular) as tiny. She has blond hair and blue eyes just like her big sister, Elyse.
Anna is now 4 years old and enjoys all the typical little girly things....dolls, pretty clothes, legos, remote control race cars, and sword fighting with her brothers Jonathan and Alex. She's probably our most lovable and cuddly child. She often holds up her arms to me and says, "I want to hold you." She is also constantly trying to smother mother her newest little brother, Mark (intro coming soon). If she were a bit older, I would never be without a babysitter!!
Anna is our most outgoing child. She always has a smile for anyone who will give her a moment of their time. At the nursing home we visit weekly, she is sought after by all of the elderly ladies there. She talks their ears off. Many of them can't reply back to her sweetness, but we can tell they savor every moment of hearing that sweet little "tiny" voice tell them about her week.

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  1. Uhhh.......I love her smile. She truly has a face that shows her heart, doesn't she?
    So sweet........and so tender looking.
    My favorite photo of Anna is when she's on the couch reading.
    *sigh......so precious.