Saturday, September 23, 2006

What a great deal!

I love getting good deals at the thrift shop. Well, on Thursday we all went to a museum in a little town near us. We don't frequent that particular town too often, so I'm not familiar with what is there for shopping. Anyway, just that morning as we were getting ready to go, I mentioned to Todd how Mark really needed some winter clothes. Though I have 2 older boys, many of their hand-me-downs aren't fitting Mark too well right now because Mark was born in March, and Jonny and Alex were born in August. So, as we left the museum a lady put a sign up with an arrow pointing to her little thrift shop behind a church. I would have never known it was there if it weren't for the sign. It's as if she was waiting for us to get to our van before putting out the sign. It was a sign advertising her summer clothes sale. Todd talked me into going in to see if there were any winter things. WOW!!! Am I glad I did. Look what I got!

5 Shirts
3 Pairs of overalls
4 Pairs of pants
2 One Piece Outfits
1 Snow suit
2 Pairs of shorts (for the girlies to wear under their dresses)
2 Ladies skirts for Elyse
2 Ladies tops (one for me, and one for Elyse)

All for the low low price of.......................................$9.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WooooHoooo!!! Now that's a good deal in my book! The Lord is soooo Good.


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