Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow??

I'm not one to "love" snow. Sure, it's beautiful....but only from the inside of our Shoe, in my humble opinion. OK, not really. Wait...yes, really.

I can't make up my mind.

You see, it can be a long and miserable winter here in Vermont. Not being able to come and go as I please gets old after a month of winter. Or, the end of now. That depresses me more thinking that winter hasn't even officially arrived!!

So, this morning, I took a very very short walk outside around our Shoe after moving the vehicles so that my husband could plow the snow off the drive way. It was so pretty out, and so quiet and peaceful (unlike the inside of the Shoe).
So, I took a few pictures of things I found lovely to look at. Here ya go!

Have I ever mentioned I want to be a photographer when I grow up?

I do love virgin snow. It always reminds us of how the Lord forgives our sins and washes us clean, like pure white snow. It's a beautiful truth.....and a beautiful sight.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

King of ALL Chicken Wing Eaters...

We love wings at our house. Especially hot wings! Especially these wings! But, because we have several little rugrats a few small children in the house, I always make some without the spicy sauce.

Who do you think stripped these bones clean?

Would you believe MARK did??? This child loves wings! He'll even eat them spicy. But I don't give him much more than a little bite of the spicy ones because I know it may upset his tummy.
It wasn't long ago I had to peel all the meat off for him so that he could eat them. Not any more.

This kid goes to town while eating wings! He would eat the bones if I let him. He often eats all the gristle off the ends. He's like his mama. I love gristle.

One for each hand.

Yummy, aren't they, baby boy??

I love watching him eat. He thoroughly enjoys his food. But ya know what the best part about Mark and this particular wing meal was?

OK, Besides his BIG brown eyes....

His dinner attire.

But his yummy plump baby thighs will have to be a totally different post altogether! It would be completely wrong to write anything about his BEEFY thighs in a CHICKEN WING post!
Wouldn't you agree?