Thursday, April 16, 2009

Funny YouTube Video Elyse Sent Me

This is just too hilarious not to share. My daughter, Elyse, sent it to me to watch. Why is this relevent? It's not. But she says I never mention her in my blog anymore. She's right. But I certainly have mentioned her here and there...oh, and here.

Have I mentioned she is such a sweet daughter? She has an awesome boyfriend, Sam, who apparently loves her dearly. I'm glad she has chosen him, and that he has chosen her. They are very cute together, too. The only draw-back to this relationship is that she always has her head in the when I sent her to the store to buy her sick dad some jello and some beef boullion, and she came home with SUGAR FREE jello and SODIUM FREE boullion. Ewwwww!


Maybe she's trying to tell us something??? Naaaaa....I think she just had her head in a cloud....the 9th one to be exact.

Elyse is also a great cook. When I'm not available I can always count on her to prepare a good nutritious meal for the rest of the gang.

Now, watering the plants seems to be a problem. She likes to let the plants get within an inch of dying before watering them. I'll have to work on that with her. But other than that, she's a keeper.

Enjoy the video. These two guys are very clever. DON'T FORGET TO PAUSE THE MUSIC AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE BEFORE WATCHING.


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