Friday, November 07, 2008

Toilets, Toothbrushes, and Toddlers

Need I say more?

We knew something was in that toilet. It kept overflowing after one of Mark's attempts to flush something down it. I caught him red handed! I just didn't catch what he put in the toilet before he flushed.

Well, after using the plunger on this toilet for about a month, we decided to pull it and try to get what was in it.

We tried.

Really, we did.

We used a hose, springy things my husband has in the garage, wires, our hands...but with no luck. We just didn't need the expense of purchasing another toilet, but couldn't keep this toilet out of commission on a permanent basis (or could wait, it's too late).

So, we couldn't resist....

Go for it, Babe!

The culprit....a toothbrush.

We have no idea whose toothbrush it is or where it came from. All downstairs toothbrushes are accounted for. We suspect it's a toothbrush that belongs to our neice, who came for a visit a few months ago and left it here. We're just not sure. But we are definitely sure we won't be returning it to her.

Now Mark, what do you have to say for yourself????

Oh, never mind.


  1. LOL Been there, done that! I couldn't believe that a toothbrush could put our toilet out of commission.
    You should try a bathtub plug. We had to replace the toilet, it would NOT budge.

  2. Oh my goodness!! We all have those kinds of stories!