Friday, November 14, 2008

A Shiner!

It was a close fight, my tough little man!

When I walked in Mark was winning. He was almost up on his opponenet, trying to climb the guy. What a grip! Then without warning, the enemy threw his tall frame forward knocking Mark to the ground face up. All I could hear was the "thunk" of his little head hitting that hard floor. The mother in me could hold back no longer, so I ran to my baby's son's rescue, but before I could get to him, this rival lunged forward and landed his seat right on Mark's eye!

I had half a mind to grab the rival and sit on him... but I refrained, and tended to my son baby, as any mother with a heart would.

And this rival.... You might be wondering what who it is, huh? Well, I got his picture before I personally grabbed him and shoved him under the breakfast bar.

Don't try to look innocent, Mr. Bar Stool! You're no friend of mine!

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  1. Poor baby....mine are 15,12,11,9,and 6 and they are all still my babies! I just want them to act like big boys and girls :)