Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday!

This is a simple thing, really, but it has been a life saver and a money saver for me.
We have 8 people in our family and one of those "family size" soup cans just isn't quite enough. 2 of them makes too much, and a family size and 1 small can is even too much unless everyone is starving for a lot of soup (which is rare). So, I just make one large family size can of soup (adding the one can of water to it), and I add a can of chicken broth to it. This makes just enough for the tummies wanting soup with their lunch. It's cheap and works for me!

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  1. Great tip! I have never thought of doing that. And we need to be as frugal as we can now.

  2. good idea.
    I have done this and added some frozen veggies.

    I love your blog. Nice Job!

    I would love for you to come and visit me and see the benefits of using an MP3 player for storytime for children.

    See you there!