Friday, October 31, 2008

Me....Get a Blog Award????

Well.... it just seems ridiculous silly, since I have no followers... yet, and I don't blog daily... yet, but, YES, I'LL TAKE IT! WooHoo! Thanks Christine, for sending this to me!

So, I'm suppose to list just 7 things I'm thankful for and send this award on to 7 others.

  • My salvation. I thank Christ everyday for taking my place on that cross and dying in my place. It's a gift I don't deserve, but I have gratefully received it and look forward to my heavenly home someday!

  • My husband, who is such a hard worker, a wonderful husband, and such a good dad! I don't deserve him. He seems to love me no matter how badly I mess things up, or how awful I look, or how grumpy I can get... He's also a gift I think I'll keep.

  • My 6 children, who bring joy to my life and the wonderful chaos to our shoe. *smile* Each one is so unique and such a blessing. Without them, my life would be empty.

  • My parents, who gave me life. Without them, I wouldn't be here. Haha! Ok, seriously... my parents love my husband and my children and have always loved me, even when I was most unlovable. I will always be grateful to them for everything they do for my family.

  • Our Shoe Home. I'm so thankful for the beautiful land my husband works so hard everyday for us to have. We have a breath taking view and 15+ acres for our children to play on.

  • My church. It's taken us years to find a good church. A good church that truly preaches the Word of God, a good church that supports our decision to homeschool our children, a church that isn't all about entertainment, a church that isn't afraid to hold others accountable for their actions, a church that accepts us as part of their family.

  • My friends and family. I have wonderful friends, and I have wonderful family. AND, I have wonderful friends that are family! The time the give, the prayers they offer up, the meals they have made, and the fact that they like me for who I am makes me so grateful for this life I have been given.

I don't personally know anyone else that blogs, but I do read a few on a regular basis. I don't have 7 (does that disqualify me?) that I want to share this with, mainly because most of the blogs I read already have a ton of awards and they don't know me from anyone, but would like to pass this on to:

OK, so I'm pretending there's a loud roar of applause in the back ground. *bows once, twice...and the curtain closes* ;o)


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