Friday, May 29, 2009

One of My Favorite Photoshop Jobs So Far!!

This is my good friend Amy's daughter. She has the most beautiful red hair. I'm certainly no professional photographer, but I'm sure there are many out there who would love to photograph her and those wonderful curls!

Anyway, I took this picture out in my backyard one day while she was here playing and ran a little photoshop on it. Look at the results!

This is the original SOOC (straight out of camera) shot. Notice the smudges on her face, something blue in the grass and someone standing behind the left side of her head in the back ground. Also, notice her hair next to the tree.

Here is the after effects of photoshop. I love photoshop. Have I mentioned that to you before??? Notice her face is now clean, and the empty space of her hair is now filled. Plus, the blue thing and person behind the left side of her head is now gone!

Here is the black and white version, which I think came out beautiful.

This is a lovely shot of her cute little profile and beautiful red hair. This one, to me, had to be cropped in closer to her face. Again, notice the smudges on her face. Now watch how they disappear.

Here's the cropped edited version. I love love love this one, but.........

I think I love this one the best! I love black and whites and would love to learn more about how to achieve awesome black and white portaits.

By the way, my camera is a Sony Cyber-shot point and shoot. But my dream camera? Oh, that would be this.

OK, a girl can drool dream, can't she???



  1. Oh my goodness! Your profile shot and editing is wonderful!!!
    I think that little red head needs to stop by my front yard so I can take pictures of her too :o)
    She would fit right in!!

    You are doing fantastic with your point and shoot.

    Happy to meet you!

  2. Wow I can't believe the difference with photoshop. I have elements 4.0 but I'm such an amateur that I don't know how to do much. Maybe one of these days I'll have free time to do those things! Great job.

  3. Hey saw your weblink on Tasty Kitchen and thought I'd stop on by! That chicken Teriyaki recipe you submitted looks amazing! Love the photo of you friends little girl btw , too cute! (bringingupboys)