Monday, May 04, 2009

Daddy's girl

Erika has been Daddy's girl from her very first breath. Her Daddy caught her as her little body emerged from mine, and she responded to his voice immediately. Nothing has changed in the 5 years she has been with us. Never mind that I was the one that carried her in my body for 9 months, or got up at all hours of the night to nurse her, or changed thousands of her diapers, potty trained her, etc.


Todd's the one she wants to be with.

So it only seemed obvious that she was the only one that wanted to enjoy a nice dinner of beef stew on this cool evening out back on the picnic table with him. He wanted all of us to join him, but it was just too cool for the rest of us. But not for Erika.

She found the only warm spot. Right on Daddy's lap, where she feels most secure....and warm. I mean, where else would she sit? Right?

They ate together....

Talked together....

They even look alike, don't you think? Maybe not. But, to me, there's just nothing more manly, nothing that makes my heart skip a beat like seeing a man love on his baby girls. Nothing at all..


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