Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Broken week later

These pictures were taken on Sunday, a week after the terrible tragedy. Went to the dr. yesterday and was told to stay off of it for another 3 weeks!!!!! OHHHHH! Have I mentioned I really hate these crunches crutches???? Maybe I should take a picture of the raw skin on my under arms.

Can you tell which foot is the broken one? I honestly can't believe how swollen it still is! Believe it or not, I did use to have an ankle on that foot.

Still quite a bit bruised, too.



  1. oh girl, that looks awful! we do the pick your birthday dinner thing too, but you do have some PRICEY eaters! Heehee!

  2. I have one of those right foot, I could give you mine and you would have a pair. 1 week after the plaster has been removed (5 weeks on)
    consultant says it is still broken not healed properly