Monday, August 25, 2008

Maybe we should call it "Life In A BOOT"??

A boot? Yes! A boot. That's what I'll be "living" in for the next few weeks. I was chasing Mark around after church, trying to keep him out of trouble (I've decided that's next to impossible), when I stepped half on and half off the sidewalk and buckled my foot over, which apparently broke it (my foot, not the sidewalk). I felt a crunch and then slammed fell to the ground as if someone snatched my legs out from under me.
We have a few firefighters and EMT's, as well as a nurse at our church. No need to call 911. :o) Within minutes I had ice on it and young men helping into my van, and an EMT and firefighter assessing the tragedy. No one could determine whether it was broken or not, but shortly after getting home, the swelling had gotten worse and my foot turned a beautiful shade of blue. So, off to the ER we went where the nurse referred to the swelling on my foot as a globe. OK, it really wasn't that big.
X-rays were taken and it was determined my foot was "busted", as the dr. put it. I got a pretty black boot and shiney silver crotches crunches crutches and they turned me over to the ever loving care of my wonderful husband.

This morning, Anna, Erika, and Jonathan were disappointed I didn't have a cast for them to draw on, so they have decorated my boot with about 1000 stickers (pictures coming soon).

What a way to start the week. My sale is in about 3 weeks. Hopefully, I'll be done with the crotches crunches crutches by then and will be able to hobble around with just the boot.

Here are some photos of my foot and me being pitiful in the ER. Enjoy.



  1. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa....
    Hang in there! Count your blessings, at least you can still get around on crutches! I know every mom thinks 3 months of forced bed rest sounds great, but take it from me, it is not. This is like my 6th week on bed rest, with about 10 more to go and it is not as easy as it seems.

    Trade ya, okay?

    Just kidding.

    Praying your foot heals quickly and that you are not in pain for long with it.

    When mom has a hard time getting up and down (or isn't supposed to), you have to teach your children to "fetch" for you more often! lol!


  2. Oh, man! That is horrible!
    Prayers for a quick recovery!

  3. Oh girl! Ouch!

    You need to write more often - for sure!